Clasp versus Push-button


The traditional small pill box has a fun push-button design.  Many people like this design as it's fashionable, sophisticated and fun!  Objectives are often expressed that the button can be accidentally bumped in the purse, causing content spillage.  Most times this happens in a purse versus pocket or small hand-carry bag.

But many also like the traditional twisting clasp design.  It provides a more secure mechanism to prevent accidental pill case mishaps in pocket, purse or luggage, but also has a more aggressive hinge at the back.

Both types suite individual needs very well and the choice is a personal matter.  We invite you to explore how you will be carrying your gopillable pill box to understand which type would be best for your application.


Small versus Large Pill Box

The size of the pill box depends on the capacity of medication or supplements you need during the course of a day or trip.

Smaller pill boxes are perfect for daily medication taken 1-3 times a day.  The size allows for most common over the counter type as well as prescription medication to fit in the compartments.

Supplements, which can run larger, are taken in greater quantities and more often than other types of pills usually require a larger pill box.  Many people prefer the large, plastic models which accomodate dosage frequencies when you're at home, but are not very portable when out of the house.

By reading the descriptions of any of gopillables small or large pill boxes you'll see examples of types of pills and quantities each pill size can accommodate and will be able to make an informed decision.