Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Product

Q: On the push-button pill box model, will the push-button accidentally open up in my purse or pocket?

A: Being that it's a push-button mechanism, there is always a chance that if it's knocked hard enough by something in your purse or pocket the pill box could open up. We engineer the lid to be tight so it shouldn't "flop" open when the button is pressed, but yes, there is a chance it could accidentally open up. 

Q: Does the small pill case keep a tight lid?

A: The lid locks until released by the push of the push-button. It is designed to prevent pills from migrating from one compartment to another, but as is mentioned in the `About the Product" space it is not water or air tight. 

Q: On the push-button model, will the pill box fit large sized pills like Omega-3 (fish-oil) or larger supplements?

A: There is a visual (picture) and text description of the types of pills and their sizes that can be accommodated in the pill box which can help guide your decision. Generally, however, larger pills like Omega-3's or other equivalently sized supplements will have a problem fitting in the pill box. To understand what can comfortably fit in each of the 3 compartments, see below:
* 16 anti-diarrheal caplets
* 4 Advil 200 mg tablets
* 12 Benadryl Allergy Ultratabs
* 6 Lactaid Caplets
* 3 Tylenol ES 500mg Caplets
* 8 Gas-X ES Softgels
* 1 Aleve Gelcap

Q: Can you remove the inside plastic part?

A: The plastic insert on both the small push-button and larger clasp pill boxes can be removed if desired.  It is secured inside the pill box by two-sided foam tape.

Q: Does the large pill box keep a tight lid?

A: Yes, the clasp does keep a tight lid, but it does not close down completely against the divider.  This means that small pill will have a tendency to migrate from space to space.  Large pills do not have this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - General

Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: Currently we do not, sorry