Why a metal pill box?

As we were determining the customer requirements for our pill boxes, the material we used was important.  Plastic, albeit strong, light-weight and customizable, did not meet our criteria for durability or fashion.  Metal, on the other hand, demonstrated a sense of strength, luxury and sophistication; not adjectives you usually hear when talking about pill boxes.

Thus started our search for a metal design that would suit our needs.  We didn’t want something too big, and our customers wanted something that wasn’t so small that they couldn’t fit their daily pills.  What we ended up with is a size and design, with three dividers, that addresses the majority of customers needs, while staying true to our desire to make a more luxury pill box.

As mentioned, durability was important, it’s hard to crush this pill box during daily use and it takes a great amount of force to rip the lid off its hinge.  We specified the tolerances in the hinge so that when the lid if popped, it won’t spring open with too much force, thus preventing a pill-confetti situation. It’s also small enough to be discrete, but still carry sufficient medication for daily use.

Bottom line on why a "metal pill box" is durability, longevity, and luxury. 

What to look for in a good pill box

Our family has used pill boxes in all their varieties for many, many years.  My wife and I have two special needs children who take a bevy of medications and supplements throughout the day, every day.  Whether we’re at home or on the move, we need a way to organize, and keep handy, the meds we need. To this end, we have a degree of experience and understanding of what to look for in a good pill box.

At home we have the standard blocky plastic pill boxes which keep the daily meds in order for morning, noon and evening distribution.  They serve a great purpose when we’re not transporting meds.  But what about those you take with you?  Blocky, plastic pill boxes are exactly that, blocky, large and fill up a purse…they’re not even an option for a man’s pocket.  And if you want anything stylish or sturdy, then you’re even more out of luck.

For single pill storage and carry, the smaller plastic pill boxes you can purchase here are very good.  We tend to give these to our kids when they have daytime pills to take.  They’re cheap so if they’re lost, it’s no big deal.  But they’re not segmented into partitions so they only work for one med, but they’re still good.

For adults, we need something more sturdy and which can carry more than one medication.  That’s why we created the gopillable line of products.  Made of metal, it’s sturdy enough to rumble around in a purse or be held tightly in the pocket without crushing the contents.  Additionally, the BPA free plastic has three compartments to keep your medications separated. With two sizes, one smaller, in a push-button open style and one larger, which has a twist clasp, you’ll find that you can carry the medication you need while still looking stylish.

Nobody wants to carry around small, translucent plastic :)